Anti-Monopoly Inc.


Players are either competitors or monopolists. Competitors can build up to five houses as soon as they buy a property, but they can charge only a fair market rent. Monopolists cannot build until they monopolize a color grouping, and even then they can build no more than four houses on a property. Restricting supply is how monopolists raise prices and rake in monopoly profits!

The title cards in Anti-Monopoly display two columns of rents. The competitive rents are those that were used in the historic Monopoly game played in Atlantic City. The monopoly rents are sky-high and will lighten the coffers of any player who falls into the clutches of a monopoly landlord.

As they circle the board, competitors may stumble into a PRICE WAR. That can't happen to monopolists, but–as in real life–they do run the risk of landing in JAIL. Anti-Monopoly also features COMPETITOR and MONOPOLIST cartoon cards that enliven the game while illustrating economic principles.

Anti-Monopoly is a unique board game in that the two sets of players don't play by the same rules. That makes it more like the real-world economy. In real life, though, monopolists have an unfair advantage. But in the Anti-Monopoly game, the odds of winning have been balanced. As long as competitors follow the right strategy, they have a fair shot at beating the monopolists.

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